Turn the crank clockwise. Turning the crank counterclockwise will still open the canopy, but it will not engage the locking mechanism. If you are opening it clockwise you will hear the locking pin. Always open clockwise and close it counterclockwise.

Lift up on the handle about 12 inches which should help the arms to begin spreading (assist if needed). This is important to do before putting too much pressure on the crank. Then crank the umbrella all the way open and then slowly lift the handle until the canopy is level. To close the umbrella, lower the handle first, then crank counterclockwise until the umbrella can relax against the pole. (If you crank too far, the umbrella will begin to open again.) The tilt handle should not be locked into one of the holes when the umbrella is fully closed. The Velcro straps will hold it. Watch the Open & Close video here.

This is an accessory that may allow you more time to close your umbrella and avoid damage if winds begin to pick up. You can see a short video if you click here.

It is usually very minor and caused by a loose connection. Click here to watch the Electrical Trouble Shooting Video on the Repair Videos Page.

Here are the instructions to install the contractor base. The contractor base uses the same hardware as the cross base, so the hardware will come with the umbrella.

Bolt the spa base either 12” or 16” on center, through the deck boards, into the joists. The hardware that came with the rotating base is used to attach it to the spa base. We do not supply the hardware for the spa base, because we  do not know what it’s being bolted to (wood, composite, concrete, etc.). If it’s being bolted into wood/composite, 4” lag  screws should do the  trick. If it’s being bolted  to concrete, we recommend concrete  expansion bolts. (tapcons)

The hardware that came  with the rotating base is  used to attach it to off-deck mount. We do not  supply the hardware for  the off deck mount,  because we do not know  what it’s being bolted to  (wood, composite,  concrete, etc.).  If it’s  being bolted into  wood/composite, 4” lag screws should do the trick. If it’s being bolted to concrete, we recommend concrete expansion bolts (tapcons). If your umbrella is going to be installed on the outside of a railing, you would spin the CLOSED umbrella to face away from the deck, open the canopy, and then spin the umbrella back around to cover the deck.

Remove the standard base support (20”) and replace it with the extended base support. The small extended base support adds 12″ to the  height, equaling a total height of 32″. The medium extended base support adds 18″ to the height, equaling a total height of 38″. The large extended base support adds 24″ to the height, equaling a total height of 44″. Less is more, we do not encourage using an extension base taller than is actually needed for clearance.

Sometimes the rotating base may need replaced but it is always a lot easier to rotate the base if you have two people, or something to hold on to, where you can use a little leverage. If you haven’t used it for a season (or if we’ve just sent a new one), sometimes you just have to “pop it loose” -use more force than normal to get it moving again-which is normal. The more you use it, the easier it is to rotate.

No routine maintenance is needed however spray lithium grease can be added from the underside edge of the swivel base if it becomes hard to turn.

Yes, you can. Just make sure to reinforce underneath to make sure that all bolts are going into the substructure of the deck. If it’s being bolted into wood/composite, 3.5” lag bolts should do the trick. If it’s being bolted to concrete, we recommend concrete expansion bolts.

We recommend the ‘303’ product line -specifically the Fabric Cleaner and  Fabric Guard. Download the Canopy Cleaning guide.

Yes, we have a video for almost every type of part replacement! You can find them on our Installation page here.

The model number is MHPO-120900. The input is 110-120Vac 60Hz 130W and the output is 12Vac 9.0A 108VA.

The transformer connection is dual-prong, as there are two (2) terminals.

The umbrella has a one (1) year manufacturer warranty, which covers any part that is damaged due to manufacturer defect. It does not cover wind damage. After the warranty any part can be replaced.

Your crank may need to be greased.  You can find an instructional video called Crank Greasing on the Repair Videos page.

Yes, upon request.  Please email us from the contact page with your Full Name, shipping address, requested delivery date, and a detailed list of what parts you need to order so we can quickly determine the best carrier and rates. 

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